Good music never fades. Onyeka Onwenu


Good music never fades. Onyeka Onwenu

Good music never fades. It remains ever fresh whenever played. I remembered Onyeka Onwenu’s songs. They are ever green. Her style of singing is unique. Her gestures while singing is something else. Let’s look at one of her songs titled “EKWE”

Lyrics of onyeka onwenu: Ekwe
Ekwe o ekwe o ekwe o ekwe o ekwe!

m nee anya naka nni nekwa ekwe k’onabia.

M nee anya naka ekpe nekwa ekwe k’onabia.

Ebe m jelu ekwe ejee gwanum ife m geme..

Umu uwa gbata nu o gwanu m ife m geme.

Ekwe eji m gi ugwo..Ejim gi ugwo..Ejim gi ugwo.. Ejim gi ugwo ekwe.

Onye ife m newe iwe ya biko wegbuo ya..

Osukosu nwa nkpi ya biko sugbuo ya 2x..


A beg ….

I biakwa… Jealousy!

Ekwe mgbadike ekwe 2x..

Ekwe a noolu m onwe m i jelu bia 2x.

I wee buru akpa ego wee bia..

I wee dokwasi m ya n’ukwu..

I wee nayo m mwee ju,

i wee n’ebe akwa

i n’ebe akwa onye n’eti gi ekwe?(3x)

Ekwe mgbadike ekwe..

I was in my house and you came with loads of cash and fell on the floor and started crying and begging me but I refused.

And I am asking u,” Ekwe,Who beat you that you are crying?

Whoever is jealous of me,let the person’s anger drown the person.
Whoever is jealous of me,let the He-Goat kind of anger deal with the person ( hahahahahah)

Ekwe am I owing u??? Ekwe!
Ekwe am I owing u Ekwe??

Awww! See lyrics na.
What is good music to you?
Any other?


Who knows  how long this music has been in existence? The truth is, it has never sounded outdated whenever it is played. Good music never fades. Do you agree?
Photo credit: African Examiner

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