See possible ways you can deal with depression


See possible ways you can deal with depression

Depression has been a popular word these days and from the current happenings in our society and the world at large. we get to discover that lots of people both here in Nigeria and the world at large, suffer from depression, while some goes to sever depression, some on the other hand suffer from “mild” or “light” depression..


What does it actually mean for one to be depressed?
Depression can simply mean a mental and emotional state of sever or excess sadness and loss of interest in life or the good and enjoyable things of life. It is that moment where your motivation is at its very lowest level and you feel no single interest in life generally.

Causes of Depression:

*Research has found that  about 30% of those who suffers from depression actually inherited it from the family line. meaning that it is hereditary and therefore can be transferred from parents to offspring.
* Depression can also be caused by low self esteem. There are lots of factors that can cause depression in humans, but the focus of this article is mainly on solutions or remedies, and how to best handle the situation when you feel depressed.

How to handle Depression:

1) Change your way of thinking. The way you think may have caused you to be in the depressive state in the first place, therefore, in order to feel better and get back to your “normal’ state of mind, you need to change the way you think and the way you view life in general. TAKE NOTHING ABOUT LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY.
2) Reach Out: You need to reach out and talk to someone whenever you feel depressed or when you get to your lowest level of motivation. that is when you need someone who you can always talk to and whom you will be free to interact with so as to feel better and get a lighter mood and feelings.

Sometimes when one is depressed, he or she tends to withdraw from others and including family members, but in order for you to be able to deal with that depression, you need to reach out to people, it can be new fiends or someone who does not now you too well, ( in case of feelings of guilt) but the point is that you need to reach out and interact with people so you can get in  a better mood.

3) you can also get a better mood by doing things that makes you feel good, and which will make you think less of the factors that made you depressed in the first place. if you want to beat depression, you need to focus on things that you love doing and things that energies you and makes you feel more calm and relaxed and feel better about yourself.
4) Set Goals:  When you are in a state of depression, you most likely have that  feeling of not being able to achieve or accomplish anything in life, or at a particular time, but in order for you to deal with the situation and get back to a better mood, you need to “PUSH BACK” by setting daily goals for your self .
Set simple goals that you can easily achieve, start from anywhere possible and ensure you keep on going with your goals, when achieved, it makes you feel better.
These are just a few of the natural self helps you can give to your self when you feel depressed, there are also lots of solutions regarding depression which also include seeking medical help and taking some anti-depressive pills.
In all you need to know that challenges is part of your daily life and life without one or two challenges, makes it very boring. You need to have the right mindset towards life and let nothing steal your joy and happiness from you.
There is always tomorrow and you need to learn to rely on God your maker for help whenever you feel depressed and also let time heal your wounds.
Time is a great healer and we need to realize that you need to “give time some time”.

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