See what makeup brushes can cause


See what makeup brushes can cause.

Make up brushes help to fasten application of makeup. They are used daily. Most times people forget to keep them clean. The reason is usually the fact that it is used daily.

Do you know that dirty make up brushes can cause a whole lot of mess? Do you know it can waste your make-up? Do you know it can equally dull the make-up effect?
It’s normal to be engrossed with you the things that consume our time but it’s very important to note that cleaning the make-up brushes is part of a beauty routine.
Makeup brushes are meant to treated carefully especially the bristle ones, the way you would treat your skin, hair and other body parts.
Dirty make up brushes can cause a whole lot of problems.
It can clog up pores and lead to breakouts.


It can cause skin irritation
It worsens make-up, the make-up will appear dull
It has a way of making one waste money by buying new brushes after dirts had spoilt the present
To keep these brushes clean one can use a gentle shampoo, body wash or their substitutes. I use Liquid soap to wash mine.
Proper care can make your make up brushes last longer especially those expensive ones.
To wash your brushes little quantity of soap will be needed. Pour out a little quantity into your palm, dab your brushes so at to wet  them with the soap, rub your finger over the brushes to get rid of sorts. Wash from base to tops of the brushes. Keep washing until you get a desired result
Be careful with the makeup brushes so as not to loosen the adhesive that holds the brushes together.
Frequent cleaning of make up brushes can help to keep away pimples, eczema and other skin problems.

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