Time: One of most valued treasures yet overlooked by many


Time: One of the most valued treasures yet neglected by many

“Tick tock says the clock, what you have to do, do quick” This is a nursery rhyme with lots of moral lessons. The clock ticks and waits for no man. That’s Why you shouldn’t remain there.

Time is one of the most valued treasure that we all have equally as humans. No one is cheated. YES!
This is one priceless treasure that was equally distributed to all, no matter your class or level in society and the world at large,whether poor or rich, we all have the same 24 hours evenly given to us all daily.Most people are yet to understand how valuable time is, and that is why you see lots of people end up wasting lots of time other than investing it.Time is a period within which an event occurs, according to dictionary definition. We need to realize that the lifetime of a man consists of the period starting from his/her birth moment till the moment of death. Whatever happens in between this period is what defines the journey of any man on earth.

Time is one asset that once given out, you can never buy it back or get it replaced. Once it is gone, it is totally GONE. GAM!
We need to realize that we have only one life, and we have to live it out optimally.

To better understand how valuable your time is, we will take a look at the various benefits of time and what we can actually get or exchange for our very precious time.


1) Time is Money:  You get money in return for your time spent. Everyone who works for an organisation or company will understand this better, You get paid an agreed amount as salary, in exchange of your time to work with the company every day. So you need to realize that every seconds of your time, has a price tag attached to it.

2) Time is Life: Your lifetime is simply the period of time between your birth and death. Learn to use this period wisely so that you can actually fulfill your purpose and mission on earth.

3) Time is knowledge: You spend time in order to learn something new. Everyone who went to school actually invested time to get the required knowledge needed in life, be it someone who goes for a training of any sort, you invest your time and your money which is another product of time, you gain the required knowledge that you seek. So time can be exchanged for knowledge and information.

4) Time is Love: Family and relationship needs time to be invested into it for it to be sustained and successful. You spend time with your family, for the love to grow and the bond to be stronger. In every relationship, you have to invest time into it for it to be stronger and better.

One can not over emphasize the importance of time and how necessary it is for us to value time. You need to understand that once your time is wasted, it is spent and gone and it will never be regained.

We should endeavor to use our time wisely because the more we expend our time, the more our treasure is depleted.
Treasure your time and place a high value on it, so that you will not waste it by yourself and also wasters of time will not also come to help you waste yours.

Time is everything and time is life itself. Value your time because it is one of your most valued treasure. Time wasted can never be regained.

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