See how you can make money online


See how you can make money online

It has always been the desire of every man to be financially free and able to afford whatever he or she  wants in life.

Financial freedom will remain a wish until one  devises a means of earning extra income( passively) . In order words, side income which is totally different from your normal regular source of income.

There are so many ways to go about it

There are so many means by which we can earn some passive income in our society today.
I would suggest that you start off by examining your immediate environment and find out what services or products are lacking around you. Very necessary.

Items that people have to go very far away before they can purchase it or services that is not being rendered within your locality.
when you are able to discover any business or service that is not being provided nearby, you can either go into such.
If you find a partner whom you can jointly establish such around your location it’s a welcoming idea but be careful who you do such with. Someone who knows about the business or service very well, someone you can partner with in business.

There are lots of business ideas that one can work on. Small scale businesses that can generate passive income while going about your normal work or business.

I will list a few of them here and I hope you benefit from these information and take action immediately. Knowledge is not enough until it’s applied.

1) Network marketing.

So many of us have heard this “Network marketing” several times but we somehow underrate or overlook the potentials of this business or income model.

This is basically a kind of income stream whereby you get products from companies like Swiss gold or forever Living products for instance and you sell among your friends. You get to make money by distributing the products by hand, market the products to your friends and contacts.

2) Referral Marketing.

This is another good source of passive income and it mainly entails you leveraging on your network and contacts. You get to make money from your list of contacts if you have skilled people in your contacts or network of friends and buddies, you can always make money by marketing their skills to other individuals or corporate bodies and you get to make an agreed percentage of income from whatever they are being paid for their skill.


For example, if you have a highly skilled programmer and you get to meet with a company or an individual who needs programming job to be done for him or her, you can simply refer your programmer friend to the person and you negotiate how much you will be paid for bringing the job to your friend or contact.

Note: On knowing this, you need to keep your skilled friends closer because you never can tell when their services will be needed by someone you know.


3)  Rental Business.

This is another small scale business that you can always engage in, by renting all kinds of items out. ranging from novels, or other kinds of books, chairs, tables , canopy and cooking utensils for ceremonies.
This is a very wide income stream because there are lots of items that you can rent , including sound equipment and light equipment , musical equipment as well. it all depends on your budget and what you have a little knowledge about.

4) Sell your skills.

Yes you read right. Lots of us have all kinds of skills with different level of expertise. You can always leverage on your skills. whatever your skill may be , be it cooking or painting or singing or sowing or hair dressing, you can always make money from it at your free hours. I know of some young ladies who has skills of teaching and they gather some kids during the holidays and teach them for a fee, some also do home teaching jobs as well. The list is endless of skills that you can use to make money.
whatever your skills may be, try to harness and develop it and cash in on your skill as soon as possible.

5) Being an Angel Investor or Financier.

This business requires you being a partner by investing in businesses that needs liquidity to be able to produce or offer their services, you can simply invest in the business and instead of collecting interest for your investment , you can negotiate for equity in the business whereby you are now a shareholder in the business and you are going to be paid a share of the profit that comes from the business. This is a very profitable income source but you have to do a lot of due diligence.


I will stop the list here , but really there are so many kinds of things that we can do on a small scale, that will generate some side income for us while we go about our daily jobs.

it is time you have another income stream to assist your main source of income. this is one of the biggest secrets of the rich. They have multiple streams of income.

Look around you and make some research around your neighborhood and you will discover a business you can start or a service you can render.

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