See easy steps on how to make avocado oil


See easy steps on how to make avocado oil

If you have the right tools, making avocado oil is a breeze. The primary ingredient in making avocado oil is the fruit itself alongside other tools such as a chef’s knife, spoon, a small bowl and a small mesh as well as coffee filters. Armed with all the requirements, here is a step by step guide on how to make avocado oil easy.

Step 1- Preparing the Avocado

Take the knife and chop the avocado into two equal pieces. Push the knife until it gets to the fruit’s pit. Roll the fruit until it is totally cut into two pieces around the seed.

Step 2 – Removing the Seed

Removing the avocado’s seed from the flesh can be quite tasking. To make it easy, slice the fruit further after cutting it into half. This is done by slamming the back of the knife into the seed. Be sure to twist the knife a little bit to loosen the seed from the flesh. If you do it properly, the seed will pop out with ease.

Step 3 – Scoop the Flesh

This is done so as to separate the avocado’s flesh from the skin. The oil will be extracted from the skin.

Step 4 – Add More Avocado

Moving on swiftly with steps on how to make avocado easy and it is important to mention that one avocado is obviously not enough to make a significant amount of oil. To get enough oil, you will need about 8 to 10 fruits. Once you have assembled the fruits, repeat the procedures sighted above.

Step 5 – Use the Orange Press

While there is no specific tool for extracting avocado oil, an orange press does a perfect job. The orange press is used the same way you would use it if you were juicing oranges. The avocado is placed into the orange press and the lever pulled down until the mallet comes into contact with the skin. Continue pulling the lever harder once it has touched the skin.

An orange container comes with a container located at the base. As you pull the lever harder, the oil will start dripping into the container.

Step 6 – Press Harder

Bearing in mind that you have 8 to 10 fruits, you will need to use the orange press a couple of times. The harder you press, the more the oil. Press until the skin cannot produce more oil. Repeat step 5 on all the avocado skins you have.

Step 7 – Sieve the Oil

This stage on how to make avocado oil easy involves filtering the oil after extraction. To do so, you need to use a fine mesh strainer that will help extract any oil that may be left in the skin. To take the filtering even further, you may consider placing a coffee strainer into the mesh strainer. Don’t forget to put a small bowl under the strainer before you start the filtering process.

Step 8 – Leave it Overnight

A large strainer would be excellent so it can accommodate the entire volume of oil. Leave the oil in the strainer for maximum extraction.

The extracted oil is better stored in a bottle for future use. Avocado oil is highly nutritious and is used to cook a variety of meals. With the above highlighted information, you now know how to make avocado oil easy, don’t you?


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