An interview with an amazing enterpreneur.


An interview with an amazing woman. A foodblogger.


Thexemplary: Tell us about your business. When you started.

Aliyah: I‘m a blogger, food blogger to be precise, I also do some sewing crafts if time permits me. I started blogging last year and my post went live in October 25th, 2017. I have always wanted to blog about food, or teaching people how to cook, cooking is my passion, but my husband is a very private person so I was thinking he wouldn’t want me to put what we eat on the cyberspace but to my surprise he saw the recipes I already compiled but didn’t publish and as they say the rest is history.

Thexemplary:  Do you train people?

Aliyah: I have received a lot of requests about training, it is what I plan to do very soon.

Thexemplary:Do you run outdoor services,outside your location?

Aliyah: Yes, I do.

Thexemplary:  Your hobbies, likes and dislikes?

Aaliyah: I like cooking, travelling, listening to good music, I like honest people and I dislike dishonest people.

Thexemplary: What do you like most about your business?

Aliyah: I love the fact that I can use my platform to help people.

Thexemplary: If given options will you still choose your present business and why?

Aliyah:Yes, because I love what I do as it impacts lives, I have some readers that use my recipes in teaching her catering students as some use my recipes in their businesses. That, alone gives me so much joy.

Thexemplary: Your advice for younger women looking for what to do to earn a living.

Aliyah:My advice for young women looking for what to do to earn a living is firstly, education is very important, if they have means of going to school they should do so. Even, if they’re not going to do a white collar jobs, it will give them a upper edge and it would help them in whatever they choose to do. Secondly, they should find themselves, they need to know what they love to do, what make them happy. They should do what they love to do. When they do what you love, they will wake up everyday.

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