How to prepare for a job interview


How to prepare for a job interview


Most of us have had the opportunities for jobs, many are still looking for jobs or we might have someone that is preparing for a job interview. This post will meet a need.

Going for a job interview always makes one nervous because of the uncertainty one is likely to face in the process. Lots of unexpected questions, lots of competitions, lots of things that you have to try to beat, meet and conquer to get the job keep staring at one’s face.

I will share a few tips here on how to prepare for  a successful job interview and most likely, land yourself a dream job. Yeah! Let’s get started!


1.) Application: Be concise in your application. If it’s online application, fill out the forms properly without omitting one.

2.) Dress well: It is very important to get yourself properly dressed. Decent and respectable dressing is very important. You don’t dress like a palmwine tapper looking for a banker’s post. You don’t dress shabbily and don’t overdress too.
You do not necessarily have to dress expensive, a good decent dressing is all that you need, wearing the right clothes is very important for an interview process, you don’t go looking for a job in a company, sagging or wearing a dress that exposes your cleavage. Have a pre information of what they wear and dress likewise.

3.) Ensure that you get to the interview venue on earlier than the stated time, so that you can spend some few minutes familiarizing yourself with the environment, give yourself enough time to relax your nerves.

4.) Research about the company you are intending to work with: It is very important that you find out things about the company you have decided to work with, find out what they are into, also look for information that will give you an edge in the interview process. It is usually encouraging when you are being interviewed and the interviewer finds out that you have taken out time to find out things about the place you seek to work.

Ask all you need to know. Have a good knowledge of the position you seek

5.) Make a list of your achievements that will be relevant to the job or position that you are seeking for, like  achievements in your previous place of work (if any), your skills and also your abilities, your qualifications , your certificates and your knowledge bases, just about anything that will give you an edge in the work and which will make the interviewer see you as the right person for the job.
Be ready to tell stories where your skills and all that you have listed above, has helped you in your personal life or your work life and place of work. This has to be in your CV.

7.) Practice your interview process either with a friend or family member if available or just by yourself, and attempt to answer questions that you think may likely be asked and try to answer the questions as accurate as you possibly can, this process helps you reduce nervousness.

8.) Ensure you bring the following items to the Interview venue:
(a) Pen and writing pad, you have to make sure you write the name of the company and possibly the name of the interviewer if known.
(b)Identification , Ensure to go along with your means of identification as you may be required to show proof of identification at the entrance of the company or any time at all.
(c) Extra copies of your resume is also very important, this can not be over emphasized as it is very important for you to have them on you, you may be asked for more copies and you don’t want to caught unawares.
(d)Also ensure to bring along with you, a list of all your references as you may be asked during the interview session.

9.) Watch out for body languages. Communication is not only verbal, there are lots of body movements that you make that will be noticed by the interviewer, so ensure not to give out the wrong signals and wrong body languages, so as not to lose the job even before going deep into the interview process.

I think these few should be enough for now, there are lots of things you need to do, to be adequately prepared for a successful interview, and lest i forget, also ensure to PRAY.  You never can tell when you need God to smile on you with a miracle.
Best of luck.

Congratulations in advance!

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