He makes all things beautiful in HIS time


He makes all things beautiful in his time

There are times in life we feel we ain’t where we are meant to be. We feel we aren’t moving with the speed we are supposed to move with. Don’t be in a hurry to quit.

Do you feel alone? You are not alone. God is ever near. He is our ever present help in time of need. He still speaks to us. He hears us when we call. The problem most times is that our hearts are far from him( It’s true) most times we only remember him in times  of distress.
I want to tell you that Loneliness is not always the lack of affection. Most people keep themselves away from shoulders that are willing to share in our pains because they want to be left alone. We just want to think and think of the things that aren’t in place in our lives.

We are often carried away with the thoughts of things we haven’t accomplished in life while forgetting to appreciate God for the ones He has done for us. Aww! Let’s cultivate the habit of gratitude. We often ask” Who can fill the vacuum we feel in our hearts. Ingratitude can creep in subtly. Watch it!

Don’t waste your time grumbling and murmuring for time is one of the most valued treasures, once lost its gone forever. Invest time in meaningful ventures. Are you confused about an issue?

Don’t remain there Pray!

That was how I was sore vexed with life when I couldn’t gain admission immediately after secondary school. The second time I wrote jamb, I told myself that I wasn’t going to write jamb again. “NO WAY!Being learned is not by force. It mustn’t be a do or die affair.

The year I gained admission into the high institution was a turning point in my life. Things were unraveling on their own accord. My head was ever ready to receive lectures. My antenna was so high that everything seemed like a replay of what I’d experienced before. Indeed I knew that was the perfect time for me. I appreciated God that He did it His way.

I didn’t gain the admission when I wanted but God did it in His time to prove himself strong and show himself mighty.

What is that challenge you are going through? See, there’s an expiration date for every challenge. Yes, you have to believe me. God’s time isn’t man’s. He makes all things beautiful in His time. I don’t know what you are believing God for. Though it tarry, wait for it. It must surely come.

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