5 Sure ways to improve your singing skills


5 Sure ways to to improve your singing skills

Singing is a lifestyle to many. There are DOS and don’ts to singing. One major way to become a better singer is to have vocal training regularly. As we exercise our body for fitness, the voice needs exercise for effectiveness.

This can be achieved in different ways. The voice like other instruments needs training and maintenance.

How to improve your singing skills

1) Get yourself a voice coach. Get trainings from them. They offer techniques that improve the voice. If getting a voice coach isn’t handy, go to you tube and see as many videos on voice training as possible.

2) Concentrate on your breath. Breathe control, knowing how to control your breathe properly is an important aspect of becoming a better singer.
Make sure you take in enough air to carry you while singing. Take in air but while doing so don’t raise you shoulders but push out your belly, take in air and release the air gradually. This improves your sound quality and ability to sustain air for a longtime. Practice this daily.

3) Have a proper singing posture. This is a conscious effort. It is advisable to stand while singing other than sitting.Keep your head up your shoulders relaxed. Don’t face down while singing. This allows proper flow of air.

4) Know your voice range: One of the ways to be a better singer is to know your voive range and do exploits with the voice.
There are seven main vocal ranges: Soprano

The first three are majorly the ranges of female voices, while the last four are for male voices.
You can discover your voice range with the help of a keyboard or piano. Start from a particular key on the keyboard, strike the keys and try to sound same way, progress this act and keep moving till you know your highest and lowest pitch. You can start with these keys respectively:
Of course, you can tell your range from this.

5) Sing daily. Practice they say brings perfection. Do you want to be a better singer? Sing daily, sing with your unique voice, don’t sing through the nose, don’t mimick anyone. If those you are planning to mimick, mimumicked someone their uniqueness will not be noticed. Be you!
Sing on! Good luck to you as you apply these principles.

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