How to settle disputes in relationship


How to settle dispute in relationship

Relationship is a very vital aspect of human life and there is no living human that does not have relationships.

There are so many kinds of relationships in existence but we are briefly going to look at the relationship between a man and woman or relationship between Lovers.

At one point or the other, one gets to that point where one feels”buterflies” flying around in one’s stomach and that is when one starts thinking so much about someone special (Awww! Is someone talking out of experience?.. Lol.) whom we have come to love over time.

In as much as this feeling is very beautiful, makes us feel special and significantly happy at almost all times, there will always be that period when there will be some trials and challenges to the love that you both profess to each other. Quarrel might even set in but there are tips to relationship
that can help out.

In this post, I will be talking on how to manage moments of challenges,how to handle and overcome disputes in relationships.
Cross your belt let’s take a ride..

How to settle disputes in Relationships:

1)   Identify the Temperament level or how quick or slow your partner is to anger. It is very important to know how your partner acts when angry. If it is someone with hot temper ,who is like a “flaming Gas” it is very important that you become wise in arguing with the person, you have to be very careful on how you settle issues with the person to avoid escalation of minor issues. You have to be soft in words while pray for the other to see light😏

2) Learn to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and know his or her own point of view towards issues: Understand why they feel how they feel and try to imagine what may be going on in their minds.( This can be achieved through communication, don’t do this when a heat is already on) when you are able to understand your partner’s situation or point of view, then you will be able to handle the dispute better and more effectively, some issues are just a matter of view point or understanding, but when you do not know what  is going on in the other person’s mind, you might take the issue bluntly and worsen issues.

3) Don’t Target to Win all Arguments: Most problems in relationships tend to last longer as a result of one partner trying to show that he or she is right and that he or she must win the argument. This is wrong, in as much as you have your points to argue your case, it is very vital to know that always trying to prove your partner wrong and showing him or her that you are more intelligent,smart, right and you don’t give in to defeat, no mater the argument or dispute is very wrong.

You need to realize that no matter what the point of argument is, making sure that the relationship remains healthy is very important and should be placed as a priority above wining fights. That way, you’ll  never let minor arguments or issues eat deep into the health of your relationship.

4) Know that your partner is Imperfect just as you are: Most of the issues that we face in relationships today is expecting perfection from an imperfect being. When you place an “unrealistic expectation”,expecting your partner to be perfect, you have already undone your relationship because it is only a matter of time for the timer to tick and the whole thing blows off.

Know it that you are imperfect and you should not expect your partner to be perfect and never to make mistakes both minor and major. Having it at the center or back of your mind, will ensure that you don’t get yourself worried over little things that you are not suppose to worry about. Don’t let things that are not suppose to destroy your relationships destroy them

5) Settle issues at the “Right Time and Place”: In as much as we can not have relationships without challenges and arguments or disputes, it is also very important that you are careful when and where you chose to settle disputes or arguments. Every right thinking person knows that you never settle disputes while driving or while having a religious service going on, neither do you settle your disputes in the public. ( wash your dirty wears in the hide) the bottom line is to know when to bring up issues to be settled and to do it at the right atmosphere and right location. Shikina!


  • 6) Learn the Art of Negotiation: Yes this may be surprising to you but this is very important.  You need to learn to negotiate yourself out of problems and disputes in your relationship. Just the same way you go to the market and convincingly bargain the prices of items until you get the settle to sell at your rate or a reduced rate, that is also how you should learn to negotiate in your relationships so that disputes will be sorted out and settled faster and more maturely.

These are just a few of the tips that we have to share for today as regards settling disputes in relationships.

You need to value your relationship and value your partner. If you find him or her worthy to be in a relationship with, you should also place the right amount of value on them as well as ensure that disputes are settled so that your relationship can remain healthy.

Stay happy.
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