Stress can be managed effectively. See how


Stress can be handled effectively. See how

Most times we find ourselves in that zone where we cannot help but cry out”I’m totally stressed out. My head aches badly. It’s as though I’m already sick what do I do? I need to take some pills ( My dear pills are not food )I still have piles of chores to attend to. 
   Most times, stress keeps me bound. I fail to achieve what I need to achieve. What do you do in such time?
Stress is not a respecter of place, gender or time.
Stress can not be totally avoided but can be properly managed through the following ways:

By planning: Proper planning helps to give us a target. I write my to-do list every morning so as to have a guide. I try to do them in their order of importance to avoid unnecessary stress.

Try as much as you can to get rest when ill. If it could not be attended to today, there is always another day once there is life.
Focus on the most important ones.
Delegating responsibilities to capable hands can be of help. Ask for help, you mustn’t do everything.
Avoid making your To- do list a story book. Make it very short and achievable
Manage your time. Avoid being caught up with time. Be time conscious, one thing at a time. Be committed and early( you can choose to be 10 minutes earlier than the normal time)
Learn to say No. Don’t accept you can do everything when you know you can’t. No can be polite even when it’s not remember that stress can affect your health.
Relax, observe break and do something different,get enough rest and sleep, talk to someone, take out time to do what you like most times.
Engage in physical activities. Exercise is needful.
Take charge, be in control of your daily activities.


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