Start by starting. See this!


Start by starting. See this!

Everyone on earth was created with at least a deposit inside( a gift, a talent) No one was born empty yet lots of people are empty. Why?


Most people have not taken time to study, nurture and call forth the gifts that are hidden deep down.

There are so many things deep down in us crying out for expression. Have you discovered yours? Some times we know these things but are too scared to venture into them. Why? ( Fear of failure)
The truth remains that failure isn’t always the end of a thing. Failure when handled properly gives birth to huge success. How? (A wise person takes record of the things that led to the previous failure and as such tries all that is possible to do better) I’m not saying “We must fail before we succeed but I’m only saying” even if we fail, we can only do it better)


What’s keeping you from achieving that feat you marked somewhere?Dare! Start!

“FEAR” is a torment. It stops one from launching into the deep. It’s better you start, make mistakes and adjust where necessary other than not trying at all.

How so I start?

Someone might ask”How do I start? The guidelines below can serve as a ladder.

Find answers to these questions and start by starting.

1. What are my abilities? What are the things I can do? Not necessarily the things you are VERY good at. Look out for all you can do. ( To know the things you can do, you can do a test by trying out different things. What you like doing unconsciously is a pointer e.g singing, writing, dancing, playing instruments, crafts.  You will be
able to find out the things you can do.

2.) Having discovered something, look for possible ways to make them grow. Fine-tune them. Keep adding values to them. Make up your mind to make them better.

3.) Doing it afraid won’t be a bad idea. Let’s take for instance. If you want to become a writer. Just write, you can meet reliable people who can help you edit what you’ve written. Just start

4.)Don’t neglect days of little beginning. Nothing just happen. People make things happen. A step at a time. One day, you will look back and see how far you’ve come.



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