Detailed steps on how to make almond oil


Detailed steps on how to make almond oil.

Welcome the Thexemplary blog. We’ve written on how to make different kinds of oil. Let’s look at Almond’s today. Almond can be called a “multi purpose fruit” because of it’s uses. We will look at detailed steps on how to make almond oil. Almond  oil as other natural oil has lots of benefits. It is gotten from almond.

Almond oil

Almond oil has so many benefits. It can be used in various ways. It is suitable for all skin types. The making process is very easy. You can make it in the comforts of your home.


Olive oil
3Cups of raw almonds (unroasted)


1) Pour the almonds into a blender and grind. Start on a low speed and gradually increase as to get a desired result. Make sure it’s properly blended. Turn off the blender and clean the blender if the paste sticks to the blender.
Continue grinding until it becomes creamy

2) Add a spoonful of olive oil to the paste. Continue blending until it’s sticky. Mix properly
Store the mixture in a dry container and store for two weeks.

3) At the expiration of two weeks, the oil and the cream will separate from each other. Make sure they are evenly separated.
Oil appears on top while cream at the base.

4) Sieve the oil and make sure no cream part enters the receiving container. You are done. You can store you almond oil in a clean air tight container.

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Yes! Your almond oil is ready
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