Weight gain: 7 healthy ways to gain weight without side effects


Weight gain: 7 healthy ways to gain weight without side effects.

“Variety”they say is the spice of life. The world would not be that beautiful if all we had were slim people. While some people love to be slim, there are also few  who are on the extreme side of the slim curve and would like to add some weight or to be “fleshy”.

Human wants vary. Some are on their way to weight loss while others are o their journey to weight gain.

Weight gain

This article is for those out there who have been looking for a way or the other to add some weight and to be a bit fleshy than they are presently. Good luck as you read

Here are a few tips to consider while on your search for some weight.

Tips for Weight Gain:

1) Get lots of “quality sleep“: Yes! sleep is one major source of weight gain. you find out that when you sleep enough, your nerves and muscles get well relaxed and thereby increases muscle growth. Sleep at least eight hours at night. It helps a lot

2) Eat at least 3 times daily:  It is advisable to eat often, you can always squeeze in a little quantity of food or snack as often as you can. Don’t eat too much at a time rather, eat a little at a time but frequently

3) Drink lots of Milk: Milk contains lots of calories , the more you can take in, the higher the amount of calories that gets stored into your body system

4) Eat lots of proteins: it is important to eat foods that contains high amount of calories and also proteins as well as these works hand in hand to aid your weight gain, helps to repair worn out tissues.

5)Exercise, work out: it is advisable for you to register with a gym nearby to you, where you can get professional trainers, or do some work outs that can help develop your muscles.


Some of these gym instructors can guide you on the various things to do and how to lift certain weights. Without lifting heavy things, the fats may tend to concentrate on some particular areas of the body and it will not be evenly distributed in the body. Workouts are very helpful

6) Don’t smoke: Smoking is dangerous to your health it also dries up fat, shrinks organs and causes a lot of damage. When one avoids smoking, its easier to gain some weight.

7) Eat lots of carbohydrates: Foods that contains carbohydrates helps in weight gain, carbs are naturally energy giving and body building foods. Lots of them will help a great deal. There are lots of such foods that are easily available to you.

Note: On this journey, never neglect to strike a balance in your meal by that we mean. Eat balanced diet. Don’t major on just a class of food.

These are just a few of the various things to do, that will help you add some weight. But also ensure that you monitor and track your weight gain and watch the progress, so as not to add more than you planned.

Balance is very important.

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