An interview with an amazing Floridian entrepreneur


An interview with an amazing Floridian entrepreneur


Thexemplary: Tell us about yourself

Blondy: My name is Blondy (yes for real  😂)and I am a life and leadership coach, trainer, and speaker. I love helping women become the best versions of themselves, accomplish their goals, and go from dreaming to doing. My life revolves around this because I believe it’s my purpose in life.

Thexemplary: What is it you hear about women that irritates you?

Blondy: Hmmm…interesting question. What others say or what women say about themselves? If it’s other people, I think it would be that women can’t have great friendships with other women free of cattiness and jealousy. Friendships like that do exist and women CAN support and coexist with one another in a positive manner.

Thexemplary: What is your opinion about women?

Blondy: Women are the wellspring of life. We underestimate our worth and value (hence why so many women sleep with all types of men without regard, dress provocatively, allow men to disrespect them, etc). The bible calls us to be suitable helpers but I think some fail to understand that a helper can lead too. A helper can have a voice and an opinion and still be a great supporter. We have so much to offer the world that if we truly understood our value and stop devaluing ourselves at the expense of those who don’t understand our worth, this world would be a different place.

Thexemplary: If given the opportunity to speak to one million woman in ten minutes please share the few things you would start with as a public speaker?

Free yourself from comparison paralysis. You are made exactly as God intended and that can not be compared to anyone else or devalued. Your walk is yours alone and ou can thrive in it when you fix your eyes ahead.

You’re worth can only be determined by Christ. Period. With that knowledge, walk with your head high, spirit lifted, and Christ confident no matter what you’ve done in your past.

GetMad (Get Empowered to Make a Difference) DAILY. Not angry (mad) but make a difference (mad). Use the anger that resides in you over the things that bother you to CHANGE you. Anger can serve a purpose.

Thexemplary: What are the things that have built up the greatness we see in you today?

Blondy: The trials and tribulations I’ve endured. Honestly, they have given me confidence that my life has greater purpose than what I can see. God spared me and my life so when I want to quit I remember that this journey isn’t mine alone. God has allowed me to live to use my life to bring him glory and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Thexemplary: Is there something you are passionate about doing but haven’t ventured into. What is it? What’s keeping you?

Blondy: I think I’m actively pursuing most if not all the things I’m passionate about. This life is not promised and I don’t want to spend it wondering what could have been when I can do.

Thexemplary: Words of your own

Blondy: I’m honored that God chose to use me to encourage and empower women from all walks of life to be their best selves. It reminds me that God can and will use whomever he chooses to do his work. I pray that I can continue to build my business and brand to leave a legacy that will remain long after I’m gone. I want my childrens children to remember me and know they are blessed.

It’s so beautiful to see beautiful women who are God chasers. What’s stopping you from living out your life as you are supposed to.
GETMAD as Blondy said earlier. Don’t limit yourself. Be you! Dare to make a difference.. You are destined for greatness.

Be encouraged!

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