8 healthy ways to lose weight without negative effects


8 Healthy ways to lose weight without negative effects.

Yes! this is the sister post to  “7 ways to gain body mass” As some are on their journey to weight gain while others are looking for possible ways to shade some off.
 We are going to see ways one can lose  weight while looking good. We all fancy that fit body size.
Most times we wonder how some people manage to maintain their size and shape.
Losing weight has always being a hectic journey and not everyone who is overweight can actually do what it takes to lose weight.
We are going to list few tips here on how one can lose some weight.
1) Change your lifestyle habits: This is like the foundation of every journey to weight lose. You find out that most over weighted people have some kind of habits that aid the weight gain. This makes them become fatter on daily or weekly basis, few of these habits or lifestyle could be; not being mindful of what they put in Their mouth, eating everything that passes by. What do you put in your mouth? Most over weighted people hardly stay a couple of hours without putting something into their mouth.
To shed those extra fat, you need to change most of the habits that makes you add more weight.
2)Set a realistic weight loss goal: Yes I strongly believe that anybody who wants to lose weight  will be determined to do so.  It is very important that you set realistic goals, you need to weigh yourself and determine how many kilos or pounds you want to shed every week or every month and ensure to stick to the plan.


3)  Eat with Caution: You need to watch what you eat while on your journey to weight loss. You have to cut the intake of carbohydrates and ensure to reduce the intake of anything that contains fat or cholesterol, these are the main agents of weight gain, so in order for you to loose those extra pounds, you need to ensure you do not consume the food items that can actually feed your body with more fat. Reduce your carbohydrate.
Don’t skip carbs entirely because you need energy for this journey.

4) Eat plenty of Fruits and Vegetables. We all know that fruits and vegetables play vital roles in the body. It helps us lose weight also,they are very nutritious to the body and acontains less food components that aids weight gain, that is why it is highly recommended that you take lots of fruit and reduce intake of processed foods.

5) Exercise Regularly: It is very important that you do lots of exercise,work outs. At home or the gym as you desire.
You should ensure to exercise regularly, also ensure that you are consistent with it. The result of this actually lies in consistency. When you are consistent with your exercise, it will show on your size because the few fats that are already in your body will be easily burned out.
6) Reduce or eliminate Sugar intake: It is very important that you avoid “sweet mouth” lol.  Lots of over weighted people actually have the tendency to eat more of sweet and sugary items. If you want to lose weight, you need to avoid sugar. Sugar actually does a lot of harm to the body when taken carelessly, asides the fact that it aids weight gain, it also causes diabetes so i would rather avoid it and ensure that most of the things i eat does not contain large quantity of sugar.

7) Avoid eating late at night: Most of us sometimes has indulged in this act of eating late for one reason or another, sometimes maybe we were busy all day and got back home very late as a result of traffic or office duties and all that. When its late and you must eat, you have to ensure that you take something very light and which does not contain Carbohydrate so it can digest as fast as possible, but it is highly advisable that you avoid eating late at night.

8) Drink Lots of  Water. Lest I forget this very important and vital tip in your quest to lose weight, you need to take lots of water . We have all been taught this right from elementary school and up till this moment, it is still being taught in schools that “Water is very important , it aids the functionality of all your body organs and helps to perspire. You need to ensure that you drink at least 2 or 3 liters of water everyday, this will help you greatly in losing weight. drink lots of water, also ensure to drink a glass of water before meal, so that you will not over eat. and ensure to drink a glass of water after meal as well, to aid digestion.

These are just a few of the numerous tips on weight loss, but most important in this journey of losing weight is that you have to be consistent, you need to ensure that you stick to the plans and ensure that you follow it so that your efforts can be seen after some weeks. It is not gonna be instant, you also do not expect top lose weight just within few days, you need to ensure that you practice all that have been listed above and even when the result is not yet visible you must continue and stick to it, consistency is the key for the result to finally manifest withing a reasonable number of weeks.
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