Detailed steps on how to make insecticides


Detailed steps on how to make insecticides

Some months back I sat down to analyze the rate at which malaria spread. It’s very alarming. I made up my mind to learn how to make insecticides

Getting rid of them is same as getting rid of malaria. Insecticides are very effective in getting rid of mosquitoes alongside other harmful pests and insects.


Insecticides are used to get rid of pests and insects from your garden, homes and from the immediate environment, they are also used mosquitoes, cockroaches,  houseflies and ants.
You need few items to send all pests and insects to flight. See how to make insecticide.

100cl kerosene
Fragrance (optional)
800g of industrial camphor
100cl of D.D Force or Snipper

– In a mixing bowl, pour your kerosene
– Add D.D. Force, or Snipper and mix
– Add industrial camphor and mix
– Add your fragrance (optional)
– Mix all together properly
Insecticide is ready for use.
See how to make Liquid soap

The above chemicals will make 4litres of insecticide.

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