6 amazing ways to communicate effectively in relationships


6 amazing ways to communicate effectively in relationship.

Relationship is important to us, it is very important for the atmosphere of any relationship to be calm and friendly. Nothing survives in an uncondusive environment.

There is no other better way to have a smooth and calm atmosphere in your relationship than to communicate well,  build the relationship on friendship. Friendship is very important in any relationship and that is the foundation of every relationship between a man and a woman or any form of relationship at all.

Without friendship, the relationship will be a very boring one in which the partners will be seeking an escape route any moment because the relationship will seem to be a trap.

For one to have a lovely and healthy relationship, its very important for the parties involved communicate effectively.

I will share a few tips in this post on how one can communicate effectively in relationship so as to have a very healthy relationship without much complications,as no relationship is void of challenges.

Tips to communicate effectively in Relationships.

1) Learn to speak in a calm and reasonable volume while talking, be it in an argument or any of such scenario, it is very important that you communicate with the right volume so that you don’t get aggravated or you do not get your partner to feel threatened by your volume or the violent tone of your voice.

2) Learn to Listen to the other partner: It is very important that you listen to what your partner has to say, even if he/she is talking nonsense, you still owe them that duty to listen to their view points and let your partner share his/her thoughts and say his/her mind as well.

If partners do not listen to each other while talking, it gives room for grudges and bottling things up till it explodes. You need to learn how to listen to your partner so that the communication process can be healthy and complete.


3) Don’t try to win all Arguments at all cost: When your aim in any conversation process is to come out as the winner, (as if it’s a competition) you are bound to miss some vital information during the communication process because your sole aim will be to win the argument or to be the victor while your partner will be “conquered”. It is important that you argue when need be and make it a constructive one as well, also share your point of view while communicating so that there will be peace and harmony in your relationship.

4)Make eye contacts while communicating. This helps to build the connection between you two,it’s healthy for partners, look your partner in the face and precisely in the eye while communicating. It helps to bond you two, also get to read the persons “non verbal Communications” from the eyes.

5) Choose a comfortable place when ever you want to discuss something very important  or something sensitive. You do not discuss something very important while you are grocery shopping or while driving. it is advised that you get somwhere very comfortable for both of you where you can both communicate and talk about the issue.

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