5 steps on how to quit impulse buying

5 steps on how to quit impulse buying

Hi dearies. It’s a beautiful day and I trust we are all having a great day. There is this habit that some set of people have been battling with for a while now, i would rather call it a unhealthy habit than call it care free lifestyle.

I guess you are wondering what this habit is that I am talking about right?

It’s the “SHOPAHOLIC” habit. I chose to call it a habit because most times it is no longer ordinary shopping done by necessity but rather a compulsive shopping.

Here are a few tips to help you stop being a shopaholic or in order words , a shopping addict.

1)  Always carry cash and never go out with your ATM card: Yes this is very important  if you want to reduce your frequency of shopping. When you intentionally leave your ATM cards at home while going out, it helps you to carry less cash in your purse. no one goes out carrying huge amount of cash, so it helps to reduce the amount of money available for shopping should you mistakenly find yourself shopping by impulse.

2) Keep a record of every money you spend: It is important to keep a record of the amount of money you spend generally all through a given period of time, it can be weekly or monthly.


This will help you to monitor where and when you are spending unnecessarily. When you are able to keep record of your spending, you wil find out that you are spending rather too much on shopping, you will naturally be pushed to limit the amount of money you spend on shopping and with that constant efforts you will curtail excess expenditure and reduce your shopping addiction.

3) Stay away from things that trigger your shopping habit; Just like how a drunk who sees alcohol will naturally be attracted to drinking more, so does a shopaholic who always take a walk around a shopping mall will be tempted to buy something more.

You need to avoid going to places that trigger your shopping habit and also avoid any other kind of things that may trigger your shopping habit, be it friends or anything at all that you have  found to be linked to your urge to shop unnecessarily.

4) Make a list before you go shopping next: You have to learn to make a list of the items you need to buy before leaving home and ensure to stick to the list that you have made. This will help you to avoid buying things that you do not really need to buy at that moment.
When you have a list of items written, it helps you to buy items that you need and not items that catch your fancy in the mall or shop. Make a list and stick to it.

5) Block websites or phone numbers that promote your shopping habit. If you are the type that is addicted to online shopping, you can easily block those websites where you shop frequently so that it does not load up in your browser.
If you have phone numbers that calls you frequently to inform you of new arrivals or new stocks, you should immediately unsubscribe from such phone calls and if possible, put the number on your number screen list.

6) Ask for help: When you feel you are not able to fight the addiction alone it is advisable you seek help by reaching out to someone who you know is not a shopaholic, and explain your plight to the person and ask for help.

Make your self accountable to that person on a weekly or monthly bases and give account of items you have bought for the period. It is important to seek help when you can not fight the addiction alone.

These are just but a few of the various tips that you can implement in your life so as to stop impulse shopping ir being a shopaholic.

It is not going to be an easy task I have to tell you, but it will pay off if you are sincerely committed to quitting that addiction. It drains your pocket and you end up spending lots of money that can be put in more important things.

I hope this short article is able to help someone out there. Do not forget to share our articles with friends and colleagues. Thanks.
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