How to make healthy soy milk in detailed steps

How to make healthy soy milk in detailed steps: Soymilk is a healthy drink. It refreshes and revitalizes. It is preservative and additive free. This makes it great for consumption.
A very good alternative for cow milk, great source of plant protein. It is very healthy for those that their system does not tolerate lactose. It is good for malnutrition treatment
1. ½ cup white soybeans
2. 2-3 cups water for soaking
3. 4 cups water for blending Sugar to taste (optional) or vanilla flavor
4. Dates( about 4)
Direction on how to make healthy soymilk

Pour the soybeans in 2-3 cups of water and leave overnight for about 10 hours. This is to soften the soya beans to easily remove the skin of the soya beans.

Rub the soyabeans between your palms to remove the skin

Drain the water and add more water. This will make the skin float on water.

Pour the soyabeans and dates into a blender add about three (3) cups of water and blend.

Blend properly until you achieve the desired result.

Strain the blend with either a sieve or a a cheese cloth

Pour the soy milk into a clean pot and heat over a medium flame. Stir as you cook to avoid it sticking to the pot. Remove the foam formed in the pot while boiling to avoid overflowing.

Add vanilla flavor to the soymilk, stir occasionally for about five minutes.

Turn off heat and allow the soymilk to cool. Strain again with a cheese cloth.

Soymilk is ready. It is that easy to make. It is easier to make soymilk than soybeans powder.

Don’t leave beyond three days but if you must. Store in a freezer.

Soymilk is that easy. Drop your comments, suggestions and your own preparation method. Don’t forget to share. Thanks for reading.

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