How to make a baby sleep while traveling by air

             How to make a baby sleep while traveling by air: Traveling on air with a baby can be difficult when it comes to flying with a baby that screams while in a plane. Whether it’s a long distance travel or a short one.The idea of making a wailing baby keep calm can be very tireless.

If you’re worried that your baby will be sad on your air travels and create a whole lot of discomfort for your co-travellers you need to plan ahead to encourage your baby to sleep through the flight — These will save you from stress.

You can make your baby sleep while traveling by air.  See the points below:

  1. Plan well: If your baby sleeps while traveling on land, you dont have much work to do
    You can book your flight during baby’s normal bedtime. If she needs her crib to sleep, make it handy, before departure time, make you baby tired by swaying him or her or by taking a walk if he or she is older. This will certainly make him or her to feel sleepy.

2. Feed your baby properly. 
Feed your baby properly, this will make the baby to be very comfortable. Once you board the plane pamper your baby to sleep. Check the diaper and ensure that nothing will disturb the sleep. You should have snacks and baby food handy.

3. Sleeping positions
Ensure you seat at a spot that is convenient and accommodating for you and the baby. Dim every form of light that can disturb the baby. Some people travel with their baby’s car seat to make the baby comfortable. You can carry yours along of you don’t mind or a mini crib can serve.

4.Baby wares
A baby sleeping bag will be very helpful in getting your baby to sleep faster while in the plane. This will save you the stress of wrapping him or her in an uncomfortable blanket. If your baby is still asleep when the plane lands, you can keep him or her in the sleeping bag without waking her


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