How to show affection to your spouse in public

How to show affection to your spouse in public: Affection to spouse is necessary. It is always a beautiful sight to see couples publicly expressing their love and showing affection towards one another both privately and in public.

Most married couple these days have somehow lost the love in their union and thereby making their union seem like bondage.

This article is going to show how one can show or express love to the spouse in public.


Affection can be defined as” A gentle feeling of fondness or liking. Where there’s no affection, there will be poor communication. Affection stirs up communication in relationship and marriage. Let’s proceed to;

Ways to show love to your spouse publicly:

1) Always declare that you two are couple in public- Wherever you go together, you have to make it obvious that you are a couple. This shows that you are proud of your spouse and you are indeed happy to be with him/ her.

2) Do not talk down on your spouse in public- I have seen couples shouting and yelling at each other in public, this is not good at all. You need to ensure not to talk down on your partner in public, never shout on him or her in public, no matter what the offense might be. This is another way of showing love to your spouse publicly.

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3)Express your love both on social media and in public places,- this reassures your spouse of your love and commitment it also kills any atom of suspicion or mistrust.

4) Flirt with your spouse in public–  This helps to make the bond in your union stronger and firmer.

5)Praise your spouse in public – Learn to praise your spouse in public, it shows you appreciate being with him/ her and that there is something about him/her that you love. It makes him/her feel good and loved.

6) Hold your spouses hands in public – this shows affection.( the sight is romantic

7) Turn down 3rd party flirts– When others try to flirt with you, turn them down. It shows that you have respect for your relationship. When you respect your relationship, others will show you respect as well.

8) Call your spouse sweet names  in public.

These are just a few tips to help you show love to your spouse in public. Why not try some out and let your spouse feel loved.

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