See secrets that will improve your babies’ IQ


See secrets that will improve your babies IQ: If you’ve observed closely, you would have come to discover that kids of this generation are way smarter than the previous generations.

The way very young kids of these days talk, sometimes one would wonder if there is an adult hiding inside the baby somewhere.

There must be some secrets to the level of intelligence that this present generation of kids have.

we are going to share some tips about things that can help make your baby smarter, more intelligent and will improve his/her IQ .

Things that helps improve babies IQ level.

1) Read Aloud while with your baby: babies love to hear sounds and when your sound has a meaning it goes straight to your baby’s brains and gets the baby aware of the different kinds of sounds and vocabulary.

This goes a long way to make the baby smarter on hearing different kinds of words coming out from your mouth.

2) Talk to your baby: It is very helpful for you to talk to your baby, let him/her see the movement of your mouth while you talk to her.

This helps her brain and mind become more intelligent and it has a very high chances of making her speak on time because she has gotten used to hearing some meaningful words from you.

Most people claim to talk to their babies but they don’t.

3) Make sign languages while communicating or talking with your baby, like using your hands to signal someone when you are saying “come here” it helps the baby develop communication skills faster, improve her wrists and improves her intelligence levels.

4)  Read child storybooks to your baby with pictures in it. It has been discovered that a picture says a thousand words. so children learn faster also with pictures and drawings and cartoons.

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5) Get your baby some toys: There are some toys that helps make babies think deeply, toys that has to be fixed and joined together helps your baby becomes creative and to make use of their imagination. E.g puzzle games.

6) Sing for your baby: Babies love to hear you sing. It is both fun to them and also educating as well. There are common illnesses that can be avoided in babies

There are also other ways to to improve your baby’s intelligence level, feel free to try these tips out and be sure to drop us comments and feedback on your experience. Thank you

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