Costly Assumption


Hello friends, how has the day been? Trust cool? Assumptions aren’t wrong but they can be very wrong. When people try to read minds of people, frame what the content of their minds will be, rehearse it in their own hearts as though they are SEERS.

Dave’s girl is the kind of girl every guy would like to settle down with but what she allowed her external environment to influence her and she became desperate.

Every guy that came around her was just a potential spouse even when the person had not made any comment. I wouldn’t blame her. The society has a way of making people desperate (when there heart is not guarded) That’s why it’s needful to guard our hearts.

Let’s look at this critically. Was she wrong in her assumption? You will be able to answer at the end of the dialogue

(Day 1)Guy: Darling, I love your hair.        Lady: thank you
(Day2) Sweet, I miss you
Lady: I miss you too .
Lady (on her own) Woah! These are real signals that he is up to something.
He said he loves me, soon he’s gonna propose (dancing around the house)
After some months…
The guy changed his status from single to engaged and the lady began raining abuses on the guy.
You broke my heart, you will suffer
Guy: Did I propose to you?
Lady: Buh the signs were all over
Guy: you are funny
…the argument lingered but the truth is “The guy never proposed”. He was just teasing.

Young ladies, Costly assumptions are costly babes.
If he no talk anything no imagine, no suggest, don’t propose on his behalf. Till he says something don’t assume a position of a wife in your heart.

That’s how some folks have been termed”Heart Breakers”lol

Your contributions matter. Did the guy offend her?

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