See what pineapple can do for you health-wise


See what pineapple can do for you healthy wise

The first blog post after the break will be on my favourite fruit: Pineapple. I chose health benefits of pineapple. Health Benefits of pineapple You might need to see the benefits of tomatoes

On the blog today, we will look at Health Benefits of Pineapple. There are lots of fruits. Examples are: orange, apples, pear, tangerine, mangoes, soursop, berries, guava, lemon, shaddok, banana, cashew, lime, lemon, mulberry, pawpaw, strawberry, cherries,grape and lots more.

Pineapple has been in existence for a very long period of time. It’s one of the fruits I enjoy taking. I don’t get tired of pineapples except it’s not a sweet one. I buy pineapples at least thrice in a week.

Most times I eat it as fruit, other times as juice, other times I mix it with other fruits to make fruit salad. You don’t need all the fruits in the world to fix a fruit salad for yourself. You can get about three or four fruits and you are good to go. My combination is usually: pineapple, cucumber, pawpaw, banana.

How to make simple fruit salad, that is good for health

Peel the fruits that needs to be peeled. Wash those that needs to be washed.

Cut into cubes according to the shapes you desire them to be.

Put all into a neat bowl.

Add condensed milk( optional)

Add groundnut ( optional)

Put in the refrigerator and allow to chill.

Serve chilled. It tastes really nice.

It’s very easy to make pineapple juice too.

Peel pineapple, blend and extract the juice. You don’t need to dilute it. Take fresh. It’s really nice and tasty.

Pineapple can do lots of things for you.

Do you know that pineapple peels can be used to make zobo drink? This will be a topic for discussion some other time.

Let’s get back to the main topic of the day. We are still looking at pineapple as our main topic.

Pineapples are delicious fruits people consume on daily basis. This is a tropical fruit that has been making the list of favorite fruits in many homes for centuries now.

This fruit has remained a favorite due to its unique taste, nutritional and medicinal components that it carries.

Some of the few health benefits derived from pineapple are too numerous to be mentioned boosting the immune system, strengthening bones, aiding digestion among other benefits.

Pineapple does different kinds of wonders on your health, ranging from skin related benefits to other kinds of benefits.

Here is a list of the few benefits that one can derive from consuming pineapple juice.

Health benefits of pineapple

1) It helps the skin look younger: Consuming pineapple fruit or juice, three times a week or more can greatly help to make the skin look younger and rejuvenated.

There are lots of vitamins contents in Pineapple that repair damaged skin and helps the skin remain firm and healthy. It contains some level of amino acids and Vitamin C which is needed in the body.

2) Boosts Immunity: Pineapple is very rich in vitamin C and other essential vitamins which is very important for boosting immune system.

Vitamin C which remains one of the major source of absorbic acid, helps in reducing illnesses by stimulating the activities of white blood cells in the body which acts as anti oxidants and helps in fighting harmful organisms.

3) Speeds up Wound Healing: The high content of Vitamin C in Pineapple enables it speed up healing process and ensure that wounds are quickly healed, any incoming harmful body agents are resisted.

4) Prevents Cold. Nobody likes to have cold and experience the usual sneezing and sniffle that comes with it. Eating pineapple can greatly help in fighting off cold.

Instead of taking lots of tablets and swallowing pills, Pineapple is a tastier choice which will also put cold to flight.( Seek the counsel of your physician)

5)Prevents Cancer: Research has found that Pineapple can be effective in the prevention of cancer of the mouth, throat and breast.

The juicy fruit is rich in antioxidants including bromelain, Vitamin -A, Flavonoids and other cancer fighting nutrients which helps to ensure that harmful agents are prevented in the body and ensuring that the body remains healthy and sound.

6) Controls Diabetes: Pineapple contains a large amount of Fiber which helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

7) Increase Fertility: Pineapple has been found to improve fertility due to the fact that it contains some very potent antioxidants which helps in removing harmful objects from the body.

It also contains some essential vitamins which helps to improve both the female and male fertility.

8) Helps to regulate blood pressure: This tasty fruit has also been found to contain some valuable amount of potassium which helps to ease stress and tension in the blood vessels and also helps to ensure that blood freely circulates all round the body without much stress.

When blood flows through the body without any encumbrance, it helps reduce stress and reduces the risk of hypertension.

There are lots of other benefits derived from eating pineapple fruit. This is a very tasty fruit with all the above listed benefits.

It is highly medicinal and great for your health and well being. Ensure to consume this fruit regularly so as to stay healthy and fit.

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