How To Calm A Crying Baby.

It is very normal for babies to cry regularly, it actually tells that the baby is in good health, however, there are so many reasons why babies cry. How to calm a crying baby

Due to the fact that they can not yet talk, the only option available to them as a communication language, is by crying.
There are so many reasons why babies cry. each cry is actually a call for attention to know what their need may be or to find out what is making them cry.

Does your baby cry and you do not know how to calm her down ? it is sometimes a nightmare for parents to have a screaming baby in the house and without having any clue on what is going on and why she is crying, let alone knowing how to quickly calm her down .

If you want a calm and happy child and you do not want to keep hearing her scream, then here are a few tips on how to calm your crying baby in a matter of few minutes.

How To Calm A Crying Baby.

1)Find out why he/ she is crying: So many reasons can actually make your baby cry, from being hungry to having discomfort  from diapers or feeling hot, You need to find out why she is crying, find out if she/ he needs a diaper change or if she/he is hungry or if she needs to be carried or if she is actually in need of a cold or warm bath. You need to always check the reasons behind your baby crying.

2) Try a comforting hold :
There is a way to hold a crying baby and you will have them calm in a matter of few seconds, This method was discovered by a pediatrician and it has been working on babies and gets a baby calm in seconds. the procedure goes as follows:

* Carry the baby and fold his arms across his chest
* Your your palm to secure the baby’s arms to his chest after its been folded
* Gently hold the baby on her bottom securely
* Gently rock the baby while holding her securely. rock her in a 45 degrees angle

3) Make sure he/ she is wearing a comfortable cloth: When you are feeling cold in the house, chances are that your baby will also be feeling cold. You need to ensure that your baby wears the right clothes to allow her body take in some air and also ensure that she/he is warm when the environment feels cold.

4) Give her something to suck on: When your baby cries, you have to give him/her something to suck on. This helps steady him/ her heart rate and calm his her nerves down .

5)Sing a song on hum with a low tone: babies loves the sound of songs, they want to hear the voice of their parents and they also like to hear sweet melodious hums from those carrying then. The gentle voice and sound of a song along with rocking the baby gently will help calm her down and even put him/ her to sleep before you know it.

6) Pat his/her back: When your baby is crying while trying to sleep, gently pat the back continuously until he/she falls asleep. He/She needs some reassurance that you are there with her. You can even hold his/ her tiny hands in yours.
7) Play: When your baby is crying and you have been able to find out that nothing is giving any form of discomfort, then you can try a little play with him/ her. You can play some Peek -a -boo, or you can as well make some funny or silly face and trying talking with him/her, even if he/she does not understand what ever you are saying,
There are some tips to help calm a crying baby down. There abounds other tips that you can as well use to make your crying baby stop. Feel free to try some of these tips and be sure to give us feedback on which works best for you.

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