The perfect relationship

 We all dream to have a relationship that is absolutely perfect and void of trials and challenges. This is a fantasy that we all have deep down in our heart. No bad anyway! Is there a Perfect Relationship?

We live in a world full of ups and downs, lots of challenges and situations to deal. the world itself is not perfect but most times lots of people have unconsciously built up an expectation of perfection from people. Perfection that is far from them, perfection that they cannot offer.

We as humans have the tendency to err and make mistakes, we are equally bound to change and experience changes at different stages of our lives.

When you are in a relationship, you can either chose to focus on the negative aspect of your relationship or the positive. Each time you keep worrying about what is not working well in your relationship other than ironing them out. The challenges might overwhelm you.

This is a choice that you have to make. either to focus on the non working part of the relationship or to Chanel the same amount of energy and focus on what is working in your relationship.

Life sometimes is about perception , when you have a view of half empty cup instead of half full cup, there is always bound to be friction in your personal life and your relationship. Being negative all the time is not healthy for a relationship and it will only contribute to killing the relationship as fast as possible.

You should realize that we are all imperfect human beings and expecting perfection from someone else is an error.
You need to be positive all the time and always magnify the positive aspects of your relationship.  Try to see the good features of your partner. Is he or she short? or a bit challenged physically? you can actually chose to look beyond that aspect of the person, we must not all be the same physically or mentally, there is a reason why we are different. There is a common saying that variety is the spice of life.

Until you realize that your partner can not be like you, she can not think like you and act like you because you are two different persons wired differently, only then will you begin to appreciate the uniqueness of your partner.

Sometimes you take a walk and you see couples holding hands and appearing as if they have a perfect relationship, you do not need to use that as a yardstick on your own relationship because the grass may actually look greener from your view but little will that they aren’t all that green.

You need to work on your relationship and make it better. If there are things your partner does that you do not like, you have to call the partner to order and help your partner become a better person.

There is nothing like a perfect relationship out there, every good relationship is actually a “work in progress” it is not perfect and can not be perfect because it is a relationship between two different people. We only work towards perfection.

Work on your relationship and make it beautiful the way you wish it to be. Help your partner to be a better person and to love better.
Sometimes most challenges we face in relationships is as a result of our backgrounds and upbringing, it takes time to drop some of the negative aspects of upbringing.

There are no perfect relationships. You decide to make it what you want that is if the two agree.
We love you.

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