A trained child is a blessing, no child should be left behind


Children are gifts from God. God entrusted into the care of their parents to look after them and care for them as care takers. No child should be abandoned to grow all by himself or herself. They need parental attention more than they need toys and other playing items but unfortunately, most parents are too busy to care for their children. A trained child is a blessing.

It is good to pursue career, it us wonderful to make ends meet but it is more important to care for the children who are in your care. Most parents barely have time to notice the needs of their children, the children are left all alone in their world. These have affected lots of people in the society.  Some hadn’t anybody to share their challenges with because everyone around is too busy to give an ear.

Ever wondered why there are bitter people everywhere? The major causes is “The kind of upbringing they had” No one can offer what he or she does not have. Most of the ills in the world are as a result of poor  upbringing. What can one do?

Training a child properly can be very tasking and challenging but it is still achievable. Rebuild the cracked walls, help your children by teaching then the things they need to know, establish a strong relationship that will make them have confidence in themselves, in their abilities, in you.

Correct the child when he or she errs. Foolishness lies in the bossom of Kids that why we should always be there to give a helping hand. We can. We can make things right by starting with us. Let’s start. A well trained child is a blessing to his or her family.

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