An interview with an amazing entrepreneur: Achibiri Ifeoma Cynthia


Thexemplary: Please tell us about yourself

Ify: My name is Achibiri ifeoma Cynthia. I grew up in a family of eight with six siblings including my parents. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon where everything was at my beck and core because my parents are real disciplinarians especially my father. He will always inspire you to succeed.

I studied Polymer&textile engineering,so to say am an engineer.

  • Thexemplary: It’s a pleasure to have you. Please tell us what you do. Your business (how you started)

Ify: I learnt make-up after school while waiting for Nysc because I found out a lot of people can’t do without makeup, after each class I will always go home wearing a makeup for advert. One day,a lady stopped me that she liked my makeup and was interested in the products I used.
I made use of that opportunity and claimed to be selling makeups while I don’t (lol). She asked me to bring all products I used to her being smart enough I had to use my money to buy all she needed and sold to her double of my expenses. That was how I started selling makeup products.

From the profits raised I started my poultry.Now am proud to say I own a registered Enterprise known as Her Passion Enterprise.

Thexemplary: Inspiring!
Why did you choose your present business amidst other businesses?

Ify: I’m an Entrepreneur,I don’t deal in just one business,I do anything( good things of course)  I lay my hands on as long as it fetches me money.

Thexemplary: When did the conviction that it was a no going back for you on this poultry business?


Ify: Ok,let me talk about my poultry business. There are challenges surrounding it. It’s a game of gain and loss. If you don’t have the mind you can’t do this business. It can empty you financially and you can as well loose your birds when the crises arise. Amidst all these challenges I’ve refused to give up because the gain supersedes the loss.
In summary there is this passion only me can explain.

Thexemplary: Did you start seeing the profit immediately?

Ify: No ma,after my first attempt I was able to realize my capital, there was no gain, no loss, I still didn’t give up because I didn’t make any profit.

Thexemplary: How do you cope with the challenges involved?

Ify: Poultry business is a game of loss and gain. For instance, let’s say you have 500 birrds and unfortunately they were attacked by this disease called bird flu you may loose 300birds because of the disease or even loose all of them. You may break down knowing how much you have invested in them. You have no choice than to embrace yourself because business is all about risk taking. If you are not strong this business isn’t for you.

Thexemplary: Who motivates you in your line of business?

Ify: My dad. He was an agriculturist,a great farmer. He ventured into this poultry business even before my birth. He owned one of largest poultry farm then,some of the structures he used then were lying waste because of the emptiness I became motivated to continue his legacy.

Thexemplary: Words of encouragement to women who don’t know where to start,what to do and how to go about what they actually do with their hands.

Ify: To you readers and listeners out there,your future lies in your hands. If you say you can make it and mean it, believe me you will.
Gone are those days when one have to wait for white collar jobs because there is no vacancies to those that know no one up there or waiting for that relative of yours to send you money he promised before you can start up a business. Wakeup!  go learn a skill if you are still idle after your first degree. Take the bull by the horn and you will be glad you took that bold step.



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