How to control swollen feet during pregnancy.

How to control swollen feet during Pregnancy. Most women have been known to always have swollen feet during pregnancy, this sometimes appear normal as part of the body changes during pregnancy.

Lots of women have been looking for ways to control the level of their swollen feet and to make sure it does not swell beyond a particular level or become too visible for others to notice.

There are a few ways that you can control swollen feet during pregnancy and reduce the level of sweling considerably.

We are going to share a few of those tips here so that you can know how to control swollen feet during pregnancy.

Ways to control swollen feet during pregnancy.

  • 1)  Drink more water: This may sound strange but the truth is that the more water you drink, the more your kidney will be able to let go of unwanted body fluids but when your system lacks water, the kidney tries to store any kind of liquid that is available , so drinking lots of water during this period will allow your kidney function well and excess or unwanted fluids will be let out.

2) Exercise more often:   The level of exercise is dependent on your agility.  When you exercise, your body fluids are circulated during the metabolism process thereby ensuring that water does not pool at only one part or organ of the body.

Exercise helps a lot, so ensure to exercise more but also be careful with your exercise and consult with your gynecologist on what kinds of exercise is safe for you during pregnancy.

3) Do not stand or sit for very long period of time:   During pregnancy, you should avoid sitting down for too long at a particular  position, and also avoid standing for too long as well, the key here is to always change position, both sitting position and standing positions so as to liquid circulate properly in the body.

4) Wear Shoes that are comfortable: You should avoid wearing shoes that make you uncomfortable during pregnancy, wearing comfy shoes is very important if you want to avoid swollen feet. pregnancy period is not when you get to show your sleek heels and get hurt, it’s better you wear something very comfortable .

5) Take “moderate” amount of salts while eating: some pregnant women avoid eating salty foods during pregnancy but this is not necessarily the best option.
Cutting out salt entirely is risky and dangerous to your health, but the point here is to be moderate in your intake of salty food.

6)your feet when possible: Who else has a better excuse to put their feet on the table or stool other than a pregnant woman?

Putting up your feet sometimes also helps to reduce swollen feet because you are taking advantage of gravity. Put your feet on the table when it is okay for you to do so to help reduce water flooding your feet.

There are other ways to reduce swollen feet during pregnancy, these are just a few tips , you should apply these tips and give us feedback on your experience with it okay. Good luck!

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