How do you measure spirituality?


How Do You Measure Spirituality?: The bus left the pack at the said time. A very reliable transport service I must commend. Suddenly, a voice rang from behind “Let us pray” She said. She began singing. Indeed there are different Classes of singers. The degree at which her voice echoed. It was pure treatment to the soul. It seemed as though we were hosting a worship meeting.

” We lift your name…. Higher

We lift your name….. Higher

We lift your name….. Higher

We lift your name….. Higher

Some of the passengers joined in singing while others kept mute. Some kept looking behind and I wondered what was distracting them. I was worried. What could the problem be?

At the end of the powerful prayer session. A man spoke out loudly( to the girl) ” Pretty lady you did well, I never knew that an ajibo like you could be that worded, but please next time eh, have your head covered and don’t wear trousers to pray..   The bible says ” A woman should not wear what pertains to a man” OK?

She thanked him and kept mute.

There and then… I was able to understand while the others passengers refused to participate during the prayer session. So in their heads” The worship was steaming from unworthy vessel because she hadn’t her hair covered, she wore trouser and possibly she wore make-up” From my assessment she was properly dressed and properly covered.

I am not a fan of indecent dressing so when I say a person is well dressed, the person really is, I promote modesty wherever I am but so many questions rang in my head.

Hmmmmmm. What are the parameters for measuring holiness? Do people really read the scripture thoroughly or they just run with a part that pleases their hearts? Must we allow religion to keep us bound?

Don’t let religion keep you bound. Love the Lord with all your heart, walk with him daily, follow his leadings. You can worship God anywhere( in the bathroom during shower, I mean anywhere) In the face of danger will you be more concerned about having your head covered or talking to your loving father in prayers?

Thanks for reading. I would like to hear from you. Please share your thoughts. Would like to hear from you.


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