Could this be love?


Like beautiful rhythms echoing from the piano
Such were the effects of your voice in my head
The thought of you fill my heart daily
I long to see you eagerly
At the sight of you, a chord strikes
And in my heart I feel sparks
I can go an extra mile
I can even sail across the Nile
All for you
Just because it’s you
Could this be love?

No day passes by
Without the thought of you stopping by
Could this be love?

Each time I pick my cutlery to eat
I remember you and I long to know what you’d eat
I don’t care if you leave in a hut
I don’t care if you have it all or not
I just want to know if “This is Love?
Could this be love?

How the fondness grew is something
I can’t remember
Most times I tempted to ask ” Where were you all these while?
What kept you away from me all these while?
But in all the questions in my heart.
I still ask”Could this be love?

Someone help me answer this question.
Could this be love?
                                                  Written by                                                            Alagboso Chioma

Kikikiki. I am a good poet. 


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