What’s your battery level?


The battery level of my phone has never been consistent. Yes! I know why. I use my phone often. Whenever it runs down, I will either charge it up with my power bank or I plug it. If I don’t do any of the two. The phone will die off on its own. Why? The simple reason is the phone cannot charge itself.

Charging up our phone batteries can be likened to charging up our spiritual lives. Our spiritual lives are meant to be cultivated, nurtured, watered, charged up. Being born again isn’t all there is to living a godly life.  It’s a process that must grow. How do we grow our spiritual lives? Below are possible ways you can increase your battery level.

By praying: Prayer is the key. Prayer is to our spiritual life what engine oil is to a vehicle. It lubricates our spiritual lives, it shapens our future and lots more.

Studying the word: The word of God refreshes, strengthens and keeps us alert. We can never say we’ve gotten enough of the Word therefore we will not study anymore. No we can’t. The same Scripture you read yesterday will reveal new insights to you when you read it again. Do I have a witness?

Fasting: This helps to lighten us up. Make us more responsive to the things of the spirit. It enables us hear more. It recharges our batteries and sets us for bigger things. It helps us to control our desires.

The question now is”How often do you charge your spiritual life? Do you leave it to chance?

I would like to stop here. Did I miss anything? Are there things you would like to share with us? Feel free to drop your comments.


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