Don’t live by chance, live intentionally


Don’t live by chance, live intentionally

Don’t live by chance, live intentionally. If you are reading this now just know that you are one of those that motivate me. I say”Thank you”

2017 in a review

2017 was a beautiful year. Blogging for me took a greater dimension. I felt good and knew my efforts have not been in vain.

Some of the benefits I enjoy blogging are not product if chance. It didn’t just happen.

I worked, read, met people had a conscious attitude that blogging isn’t child’s play neither is it a do or die affair. ( I was able to strike a balance)  why am I sharing this testimony? To encourage someone not to live life by chance.

Life is conscious. I am not trying to make anyone live in anxiety. (No)

2018 is here. This is an opportunity for us to utilize this next 365 days judiciously.

You may have not been able to accomplish most of your plans the previous year, but it’s another opportunity for you to start the year with good vibes and great planning.

You can make the year count

How do you make this year 2018 count for you? You do that by planning every day of your life this year.

How to plan the year and make most use of your time.

Write down your goals for the year in a journal ( jotter. When the year is properly planned on paper, it becomes easier for one to focus on the big picture

Break the yearly goal into quarterly goals, ensure that you have something planned down for each three months to be accomplished. This helps you to get closer to your yearly goal.

Plan each day first before stepping out of your house. When you wake up, you need to make plans on what and what you need to accomplish today, where you need to go and activities to be done there for the day.

This helps you to ensure that you don’t live your day just “passing time”.

Keeping a daily to-do list will go a long way to help (remember to keep your to do-list as easy as achievable)

Keep a journal handy where you can record things. Write what needs to be written down and free the space it will take in your memory.

Memorize only important information and jot the less important ones down on paper.

Just like the architect first builds a house by drawing it on paper, before the builders starts laying bricks, you should as well finish your 24 hours on paper before you take a step out from home.

Are you multi talented? See this!

Planning keeps one organized.
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