See what apples can do for you

Apples are important, well-known fruits that we can easily find. They can be found in various homes, street corners and markets.
It is very nutritious and contains lots of components that are very healthy to the human body as well as the skin.

There is an old welsh proverb which says “An apple a day keeps the doctors away” This goes to tell us how powerful apples are and how beneficial they are to health.

Apples have been ranked as the most popular fruits in the world and little wonder why they have been rated that high.

Here are some benefits derived from consuming apple.

1) Apple contains lots of  vitamins – There are so many vitamins and nutritional components in apples which include Calories, Carbs,Vitamin C and other vitamins.

2) Reduces Risk of stroke – Eating apples regularly helps to reduce the risk of stroke in aged people. It has been discovered to aid in fighting stroke.

3) Good for weight Loss – Apple is known to contain some chemical components that are very good for weight loss. It contains much quantity of Fiber and water which helps in weight reduction.

4) Lowers risk of Heart Disease – Apple has also been found to lower the risk of heart disease. If consumed regularly, one will be far away from heart related illness.

5) Helps prevent cancer – There are lots of nutritional components in apple that has been discovered to help in the fight against cancer. It reduces the risk of cancer infection due to some of the components it contains.

6) Helps reduce the risk of Diabetes- those who suffer from diabetes should ensure to consume some apple fruits regularly, as apple has components that helps regulate the blood sugar levels.

7) Apple helps to reduce brain diseases – Research has found that regular consumption of apple helps to reduce dementia and Alzheimer diseases which are related to the brain.

There are lots of benefits and uses of apples. Endeavor to buy some apple fruits, keep them in your home for regular consumption. It does not only taste nice. It is also very good for the body.

Feel free to share this post and drop your comments if you know other benefits that can be derived from eating apple, so that others can learn too.


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