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Oh yes! Still in the spirit of Celebration . Thexemplary is giving away amazing prizes to her readers and followers as promised With love from our hearts we would love to appreciate us in our own little way. We are growing and we will keep getting better at what we are doing presently. 

We would like to use this opportunity to appreciate everyone who has been a source of encouragement to us through sharing our posts, commenting, visiting the blog and lots more. We say “THANK YOU” We are waxing stronger because of you.

Thexemplary offers the following services
.Advertisement: We can help us promote your brand. All you need to do is write us: we will take it from there. Our charges are moderate.

.Sponsorship:We are very much open to sponsorship

.Guest posts:You can be our guest on the blog, write for us and send in your article as it will be published with the credit given you.

.Collaborations: Our arms are wide open to collaborations. It just have to agree with what we do on here, then we are good to go.

.Affiliate : We can serve as an intermediary between you and your clients.

Just write us @

Yea, back to the title of the the day”Giveaway ” Intending bloggers will benefit more from this offer.

Thexemplary will be setting up a free blog for the first winner or a free one month advert( we will promote your brand for one month. For free, a blog makeover will be the second prize. Free subscription to any network is the third prize.

How to participate: Just keep dropping comments on blog posts.(It can be from old posts to new)
We’ll announce the winner at the end of this month.

Help us share this post, it might favour an intending blogger. Thanks for your time.


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