It’s my blog anniversary


Hip!  Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray!

Thexemplary is one today. We are so excited. So far so good. Yes, It’s not been easy trying to build a brand, a unique one for that matter. The most challenging part is being consistent. In all, God has been on our side. Though the process has been very tasking and challenging, it’s been very encouraging and rewarding as well, especially when people share their joy over stumbling on the blog and gaining something from it.

Sometime last year, I had a prompting in my heart to create a space where I can inspire people, share my ideas on things I’ve learnt, things that can be a source of strength to someone and lots more. I started writing articles on my Facebook timeline and I was encouraged each time people commented. One of my friends, Joe by name encouraged me to set up a space where I can write and share as often as I wanted as if he was there when the idea was conceived. I gave it a thought and we kicked off. He helped set up a blog on Simplesit, that was how I started blogging. I consciously began writing articles and was always sending to him.

One day, he sent me a link and wrote”This is your blog” I opened the blog and was wowed at what I saw. It was a beautiful sight and site. I visited my blog several times that day out of excitement, sleep went on transfer that day. With time I migrated to a different platform and still on that platform till date. From there I started getting better at blogging.

The next challenge was “How do I make my blog look beautiful and attractive? The quest for a beautiful blog makeover turned me into a ” Hunter” I was in search of a beautiful template and of course I saw lots of templates. I met a co- lifestyle blogger that charged me some amount and fixed it for me.  With time I learnt some basics and was able to handle some of these things myself.

I’ve been tempted to quit severally because blogging can be tasking and time consuming. I thought I would hit money as soon as I started but it’s not so. Most times I stay up late at night to create my contents, read other people’s blog, make research. It’s been this tasking. In all, I can only say” it’s getting better. A step at a time makes the journey worth while.

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