Is anything too difficult for HIM?


We live in a world full of ups and downs, there are of good times and bad times as well but to some, it’s as if the bad times sometimes consume their hearts and thereby making them loose heart and lose hope of a better days ahead.

We all have moments of trials in our lives, from personal health issues to financial problems, emotional, relationship problems, all kinds of challenges abound.
Sometimes it actually looks as if one has been singled out for such trials and misfortune. Life seems not to be working out atimes and it is as if you are alone in this world and you are bearing your burdens and sufferings or trials alone, all by yourself.

There is good news for you. No matter how high the mountain may look or how difficult those situations appear before you, there is a God who is greater than all of life’s challenges, The same God who can turn mountains to plain fields and elevate valleys to become mountains. He makes all thing beautiful in his time

In your moments of trials and difficulty, always remember that there is a God who cares for you, He is ever ready to hear you call on Him. That moment when all hope seems to be lost and there seems to be no way out again. It’s as if situations and trials are about to swallow your head. Fear not my dear friends, reach out to God and ask for help.

God is ever ready to carry your burdens and to take the yokes off your neck. No matter how terrible the situation is, no matter how difficult or fierce it may look, always remember that there is a God who is older and bigger than the problem. He is the solution to all of life’s worries and pains. He has not seen any situation that is greater than Him.

Fact still remains that in my number of years on earth and the number of years of all man on earth, there is no record of any situation that is greater than God the creator. All you have to do is to reach out to Him and let him help you, reach out and call for help from above, let those challenges and trials of life know that you have a God who can fix all things and solve challenges.

I have never seen a problem that is too great for my God to solve. Don’t stop believing, Don’t remain there keep trusting for in due season, your testimony shall come. PRAY ON! PRAISE ON!
Be steadfast

Stay blessed. God loves you.


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