Natural hair: How to begin a natural hair journey


Natural hair seems to be the new trend now,one that doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. Women of colour are embracing their thick mane and all its Glory with pride😊, but natural hair cones responsibilities o.

Let’s first talk a little on how to get started with keeping a natural hair.

 Most of us carried out relaxed hairs before deciding to join in the natural sisters club. At this stage,it’s either you go for a “big chop” or you  do “transition”. Now,big chop simply means to cut everything and start all over again while transition is to cease relaxing and allowing the unrelaxed “due” part to grow out.

One thing to note is that the big chopped hair and the transitioning hair both grow at the same pace if taken care of well. The major challenge in transition is caring for two hair textures, relaxed and unrelaxed. For those who can rock the low cut,they can start their natural hair journey this way. For those like me who can’t come in terms with cutting all our hair,transition is the next best option.

 When I started, I took a stroll to a beauty store to inquire about natural hair products. The prices of tiny bottles with wonderful contents scared me. I had to go back and reevaluate and recheck my purse. With school and other things keeping my finances busy,I had to research on how to maintain and care for my natural hair with natural things found around me.

Note that these does not rule out the usefulness and necessity of the already packaged hair care products and oils.

Olive oil : the conventional olive oil goes a long way in encouraging the growth of hair follicles.when massaged into the scalp,improved blood circulation in your head.

Palm oil : when prepared in a warm bath and applied to the hair,stimulates growth, eliminates frizze,shines hair and protects ends.

Coconut oil : it’s benefits are same as olive oil.


Egg yolk : apart from protein,egg yolk contains vitamins A,B12 and E,high amount of sulphur and fatty acids.Egg yolk can work as a great natural conditioner for your hair and make it super soft and infuses protein into the hair, strengthens hair roots.The Vitamin A and E control hair fall problem while B12 and sulphur in it makes hair to grow at a faster pace.
Banana(riped) : it contains vitamins,calcium,potassium,carbohydrate and natural oils that help the overall nourishment of hair.It promotes shiny silly hair with great elasticity.Banana masks treat dandruff and hair fall.
Others include:

Ginger : a great hair conditioner rich in minerals and essential oils.Also contains anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties that keep scalp helahy and clear majorly.
Onions : majorly has potential anti bacterial properties and help fight infections.Also very good at hair follicle nourishment and help reatire lost nutrient to the scalp.
Aloe vera : Aloe contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repair dead skin cells on the scalp.It promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp,reduces dandruff and conditions the hair.
Others include avocado, honey,lime,lemon.
One thing to note is that whatever that is good(ediblewise) for the well being of the body,when researched on well can be applied to the hair and yield tremendous result.
General hair care maintenance for every naturalist include:

~Sleeping with a satin scarf/satin bonnet on as it prevents loss of moisture and shrinkage from the hair.
~Your hair need water girl.Moisturize dialy
~drink lots of water
~Keep your hair neat at all times.
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Guest post by Princess Onwuka

Princess Onwuka rocking her natural hair.


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