Do you feel you are alone? See this!

Life can be cruel atimes. Most times it seems as if we are all alone, it seems no one cares to know how we feel, what we go through, what we need, what we are expecting…The list is endless.

Overtime, people around us see us as superhumans, they see us as folks without challenges. Maybe because we always wear smiling faces, we try as much as we can not to look like what we go through. Yes! We need not look like what we go through. Nothing has ever changed as a result of wearing frowned faces. I even learnt wearing a frowned face has a way of making one look older than his or her age.  So we must say “NO” to that

Of course, challenges aren’t easy to handle that’s why they are called “CHALLENGES”
You must face them and not allow them defeat us.
Do you think what you are going through is worse than every other person’s? NAY! YOU LIE! Step out, look around and see what people go through daily.. Life isn’t always fair but in all things we are more than conquerors…

Are you suffering from pain? Physical, emotional? Whatever pain, be strong and don’t give up


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Are you in LACK? Check what you ain’t doing right ( maybe in business or anything you want from, or you haven’t anything doing, start something no matter how small.
Apply the principles of giving, it works.
Some of the challenges we go through are as a result of LACK of wisdom. It’s wise to ask the maker for wisdom
Don’t remain there.

What’s my point? You ain’t alone
Know this! Before you were conceived God knew you, he had already planned out things for you.. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.See Jeremiah 1:5 for more insight
Be positive in your confession
Be strong in faith
Be bold as a lion
Be courageous
Remember you are not alone. God loves you!
Be encouraged!

When negative thoughts fill your heart get yourself busy, dwell on the word, listen to gospel songs, sing songs, pray, talk to Positive minded people. Be positive.
We shall conquer.

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