Loneliness is not always lack of affection


Loneliness  is not always  loss of affection, loneliness  can be loss of  direction and can be a deliberate  action.  Most lonely  hearts are not lonely  because  there’s  no one to share in their moments  but they have not found  the right  place  to be appreciated.


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Rita was bitter over a situation  so felt she could  no longer  handle.  She lamented bitterly  to a counsellor “Am I not beautiful,  don’t  I look marriable,  what have I done to deserve  this?  Am 34 and still single.
The counsellor asked ” Do you think  there’s  something  you ain’t  doing  right?  Do you think the loneliness  you feel in your  heart is as a result  of loss of affection?

At the end of the day,  Rita discovered  she’s  been  the cause of her problem. She barely socialize, always on her  own, ever wearing  a frowned face.

Thank God  she sought solution and applied the result  she got.  Yes!  She became happy  with life, herself and people  around her.  She  became  open to relationships and is now married.

Most times  we are lonely  because  we chose to be.
Are you presently  in Rita’s old shoes.  Please  walk out,  step out.  Get involved  in lively things,  Did you  lock up because  of betrayal in past relationships,  please  give love another  chance..
Be happy
Be lovely
Be lively
Be sociable
Make the most use of your time
Life is to be enjoyed not to be lived grudgingly

Stand up and do it rightly

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