An interview with an amazing entrepreneur”pinkysbeads”

Meet an amazing beader”Pinkysbeads”
Watch the neck pieces on these post. She made them and is still making finer ones.
Thexemplary: You are welcome to the interview series of thexemplary blog. Please tell us about you.
Pinkys beads: Our brand name is pinkys beads. We deal on pretty handcrafted beaded jewelleries. We make exceptional jewelleries with a touch of class.  Satisfaction is optimum and that’s what you get. We are all out to make you be your own kind of beautiful.
Thexemplary:When did  you start and how you start? 
Pinkys beads: Ermm..How did I start?It’s a been quite a while. It started as a harmless hobby.  Had no idea it would come to this. I loved doing it. We use to have lots of beads in my house then for designing clothes when I was much younger, so I just use them to make necklaces and bracelets. I just turned my passion into a paycheck
Thexemplary:What inspired you?


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Pinkys beads: Beauty did. I just love creating something beautiful there’s this excitement that comes with creating something very beautiful.

Thexemplary: Please, drop something that will encourage someone who is still thinking of what to do with the little skill at hand, how to turn a passion into a paycheck?
Pinkys beads: Advice, Never start a business just to make money. Start a business to make a difference. Because whatever you are venturing to do, someone else is already doing that and excelling. Don’t think how can you make a lot of money alone, think on how you could make peoples life a lot better, if you get it, the money will come.
My goal is to make an income while making an impact..


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Thexemplary “To all the young minds out there, nothing is minimal, nothing is insignificant. Whatever fetches you money isn’t supposed to be neglected as long as it’s a good thing. See what Bera culture does with her hands too. Put yours into action. It should leave the head and flow through the hands.

What are those ideas that fly across your mind? Pen them down, nurture and let them blossom, you don’t know the idea that will bring you to limelight.
#Be encouraged
See more pics below.
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  • It's quite heart warming to hear that Passion turned into a paycheck that's very rare in a generation where everyone is looking for a way to enrich their pockets. Like I have always said "Turn your Passion into a career and turn your career into a passion"

    Go ahead Pinky and continue making peoples fantasy come true. I Love what you are doing.

    Let us continue making people's kind of beautiful.

  • She's an amazing person..I could remeber when I would come home and find beads scattered all over the place and I would be like who is this again now…and some where in my mind I would get an answer it's your one and only lovely creative sister, just let her be and I wil be like hmmmmm okay continue… Never knew she was aiming for greatness..I pray God takes her to were he has destined her to be and not where she wants to be..and also stay tuned for her website ..there you can get alot of her works…love you sis..keep it up

  • My darling be making me proud. I'm really happy 4 u n wot u've done 4 urself. Seeing ur work pushes me 2 do more 4 myself. Dis is jst d start, greater tins 2 come. See i at d top babygirl… #pinkybeads

  • Much thanks to #theexamplary for taking pains in fishing out raw tallents which is very commendable.

    To pinky beads whose hands i must admit is Mindas on beads as i can only note from her interview that were one's talent stops there passion can piecer further.
    I have seen her beads beautifying people's neck so i can't wait to see it glamour on my wife's neck when say I DO, lol.

    Keep the doing the good works cos you are yet to hit the gold mine.

  • One of those people you see starting something and you know it will go places.
    I get inspired by your committment a times and hope that you keep the fire burning.
    I pray for more dimensions and grace as you make bold strides. Cheers!

  • Hahaha I have always known she will go far,from the time I met her till now,she creates something beautiful out of nothing and that what I love about her passion for beads,Hey girlfrnd they have not heard the best of you yet,you are about to blow there minds……watch out for Pinky needs.Be your own kind of beautiful😍😍

  • Am inspired….Keep doing what you love and also making MONEY��������out of it.Flourish like never before ma

  • Ain't I the most fortunate husband in this world? She is a joy to behold. She is passionate about what she believes in.. Money is secondary to her.. It is always about making an impact.. Ride on wifey,friend,confidante,entrepreneur…….

  • This young woman is a super woman. I can say diligence and patience has brought her this far, because I think I would rather sell gari than sit with this tiny frustrating beads, but she just makes beauty out of mundane things. I have no doubt that the world would hear your voice and know your name. You haven't even tapped into what God has in store for you, keep being the Amazon that you are, the world needs more women like you. Break a leg Mon Cherie.

  • Funny enough, i remember visiting you during the JS3 Long vaca after the junior waec, and you said you got a few beads and you were taking bead-making classes. I was like "cool".
    You literally nursed this baby and I am glad to see it grow into this.
    Keep going.
    Impossible is just a 10 letter word that can't stop you.

    From Urechi

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