How I was dealt with by.. (ii)


“Darling, I’ve been thinking of something for some time now. You know Ann is such a nice lady, she has served us faithfully. Why don’t we get a child through her? Just once honey, I don’t want our lineage to be cut off.
Please don’t say NO! Suzzy cried.

Ahhh! You have asked a difficult thing this time and I won’t give in to this particular request, no! I won’t

Please, just this one request, just this ( she began crying)

Moved by her tears. He agreed.
(He wanted his wife’s happiness.)

Joe thought about this for some weeks.
He later called Ann and shared the burden.
Chai  ( Ann, the good lady, agreed) She meant no harm, she wanted to help out.

Fews months later, Ann took in..
Suzzy was the happiest woman on earth, she relieved Ann of her duties and was so kind to Ann..

Gagagagan! Ann put to bed that faithful Saturday a bouncing baby boy..
Glory! There is an heir to Joe’s kingdom. Gbagam!

Joe’s joy knew no bound.
He was always around Ann and the new baby to express his gratitude..

Buh see, Suzzy became uncomfortable.
This was not what she planned. She’s almost losing her husband to her maid. How can this be?

” She must go!
See Part i
#To be continued#

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