How I was dealt with by ..(I)

Life can be challenging most times. This minute one is excited about life, the next minute challenges are testing the same person’s faith.

Ann was diligently serving in Nuel’s home as a cook. She was devoted to her duties, she was never found wanting at any of the things assigned to her( a good lady she was)
With all her beauty and lovely gait, she remained homely to the core. Some would have allowed their beauty to get into their

“Oh! When will my change come? When will I rejoice like my fellow women? When will I nurse my own child? Suzzy lamented as she wet her clothes in her pool of tears.
She’s already tired of her situation. She has equally given up on her chances of having a child. Hmmmmm!

” Baby, there’s something I would like to share with you. You know, I’ve always loved you, I’ve always longed to make you happy but there’s one thing that’s eating me up” Suzzy cried to her husband.
“Speak up, my lady. Joe answered.


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She began” it’s about our situation, it’s about our childlessness. I have been dealt with by your family members. I’ve been termed” barren, man, wombless fellow” what haven’t I been called? Are we going to fold out arms and watch things spoil underneath our noses? I must act. I don’t care how it’s going to be, I don’t care who’s going to talk but I will not fold my hands anymore…

She cried out uncontrollably and Joe was moved to cuddle and hold her head while wiping out the  ceaseless tears from her eyes and face..

To be continued#

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