A citrus to embrace

At first I hated the thought of drinking water on empty stomach in the morning. I got use to it and it became a routine. One of the health benefits of drinking water in the morning on empty stomach is that it detoxifies, it cleanses the system and helps in bowel movement.

Yes, I thought I had arrived until I saw the benefits of lemon wow!Let’s ride together on these.


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Lemon is a common fruit that we find everywhere, but due to the acidic taste it has, so many people has developed some kind of hatred for this wonderful fruit just because it is bitter and acidic in taste and as such, it has not won the hearts of many.

Lemon has also grown to become a very vital food in kitchens worldwide, for those whom have come to find out the health benefits derived from consuming lemon juice.

Lemon juice is very medicinal in the human body because it contains lots of healthy vitamins that helps the human body system to function well.

Listed below, are a few of the health benefits of drinking some lemon juice.


1) It cures Indigestion and constipation:  Lemon juice helps cure indigestion and also problems relating to constipation.
If you want your food to digest very well and speedily also, ad a few drops of lemon on your food ,or you can as well drink a small quantity of lemon juice with water after eating a heavy lunch or dinner.

2)Dental care: Applying lemon juice on the area of a toothache, can greatly reduce the pain felt from the ache. it also helps to stop bleeding gum as well.
Another benefit of lemon on the tooth is that it helps stop mouth odor that may have been caused by various gm diseases.

3) Weight loss: drinking lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water and some quantity of honey will help you to lose some weight.

4) Respiratory problem: lemon juice helps a lot in dealing with any respiratory disorder and any breathing problem . It has the components to soothe a person suffering from asthma attack and it also helps deal with other long term respiratory problems due to its vitamin content.

5) Blood purifier: Lemon juice also acts as an agent of purification of the blood. it helps to clean the blood of some unwanted organisms, it helps to fight diseases like malaria and cholera as well because of its blood cleansing ability.

6) Dissolving ability: Lemon juice can help in dissolving lumps on the skin, where the skin has been hardened, if applied, it can help dissolve it, like the soles of the feet, palms of the hand and other areas where there is any kind of lump on the skin. drinking lemon juice will also help greatly in reducing gall stones.

7) Throat Infection: drinking lemon juice helps a lot in fighting throat infection due to the chemical content and its anti bacterial components, it helps greatly in fighting throat infection.

These are but just a few of the many benefits derived from consuming lemon juice. I strongly recommend that you have this fruit in your home because it can come in handy when you least expected it and it will greatly help you in various areas of health.
Go to the market and get yourself some fresh lemon oranges, drink its water regularly and make it part of your food at home.

Other benefits of lemon, lemon can be used in different ways as beauty products

 Mix baking soda and lemon juice, pour a little quantity of the mixture to your toothbrush then brush your teeth as normal and rinse afterwards. It keeps you away from the search of a teeth whitener.

Lemons are wonderful Skin brighteners: They are very rich in vitamin C, they brighten and lighten the skin when used. Vitamin C is a great collagen booster. It lighten age spots, dark spots.


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Lemon reduces excess oil.

Lemon can be used to exfoliate the lips, put a little lemon juice on your lips before bedtime, and wash it off in the morning to help remove dead skin cells and dried skin. It’s not advisable on cracked lips


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