The best way to handle you

Hello lovelies. How have we all been. It’s been hectic and cool for me. Yea! We must press on amidst the challenges around us.

The best thing anyone can do for himself or herself is to love yourself. Loving yourself has a way of bringing out the best in. It makes you confident. It will affect the way you treat other people too. Life becomes a walkway rather than a warfront.

Annie had a problem with her physical looks. She didn’t like any single thing about herself. She grew up in a family where everyone was too busy to notice another. Her parents always sang these line into her ears”Dull eyed girl,lazy thing,good for nothing “These lines built an indelible mark in Annie’s life”

“Everyone hates me. Nobody wants to be close to me. She accepted the lies that she wasn’t good for anything, but is she good for something? Yes! She is!
Don’t allow no one give you a definition of who you are not.

Treat yourself with love, people cannot see you above what you see yourself as.

Love God, love yourself, love people
Live your life one day at a time
Don’t be too concerned about the things that have not fallen in place that you forget to appreciate God for the ones he has done.


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