What does a child really need?


It’s been a long time since I last posted on the blog. Reasons too numerous to be mentioned. Most times we feel we can actually handle things the way we want but see eh! It’s not always as easy as they appear. I’m not a parent yet but I feel the weight of parenting as I watch parents from a far. Indeed, it’s a big responsibility that must not be neglected.

Now, how do parents cope dealing with their kids? (it’s obvious all kids don’t behave same) Parents go a long way to meet the needs of their kids, discipline, show love and do all they are supposed to do.

Out of love,most parents might not see the dangers of their good gestures to their children. How do I mean?
For instance, parents get toys for their kids which is not a bad idea. They go the extra mile to get them lovely things which is a beautiful thing to emulate. Then the object of pleasure given to the kids for their leisure now turns out to be an object that they can barely do without. All their attention suddenly focuses on this object that concentrating on things that matters most becomes a big problem. The child gets angry each time he or she is corrected to leave the object for something else and of course we don’t want the child to get annoyed we leave him or her because of the frowned face. Hmmm! What does a child really need? Correction!

Dialogue can do the magic, most times other disciplinary measures can be helpful. One of such measures might be a cut down on playing time, less seeing of tele till the child changes.

What a child needs isn’t all about material things, not all about providing all the child indicates interest on..

What do you think a child needs?

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