Be stedfast


Have you ever been lost in thoughts of what to do next? Have you ever asked”Where will my help come from? How will this be?

Yes, I’ve asked these questions several times. Some times I don’t get an answer but I’ve never been left stranded by my maker.

God has a way of coming to our aid in time of need. No wonder the Psalmist called him” Our present help in time of need”

I would like to share one of the numerous instances He proved himself strong in my case. When I was about going for Youth Service, I was struggling with the choice of continuing with the job I had or going for service. Hmmm! It wasn’t an easy one. I didn’t want to leave the job because the salary is needful and I needed to go for Youth Service because I need it to improve my pay too.. Chai! What do I do?( that was all my head could ask me)

The fact that I didn’t want to influence anything on my own left me blank. I believed God for a miracle. I prayed and left all to God.

Miraculously, I was posted to Akwa Ibom, not just that I was posted to a good place they also retained me after Youth Service. God never fails. This is just one out of the numerous..

I don’t know what you are believing God for. It seems as though it has tarried, it seems as though it’s not coming forth. Don’t stop believing. Keep trusting and praying. God never fails.

Press on!
Pray on!

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