How to handle sore throat

Sore throat is something you wouldn’t wish an enemy. At some point in time in life, one might experience sore throat. While it last for a number of days and keeps one uncomfortable during its stay. It becomes rather painful and sometimes even lasts longer than expected.

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Sore Throat can be caused by a handful of factors, it also has a few proven remedies both medical and Ayurvedic (herbal) solution.


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Let’s look at oral hygiene together. Oral hygiene should not be neglected. Brush your teeth at least two times a day. Wash your tongue properly. Toothbrushes can not wash all the first in the tongue. Once in a while use chewing sticks to clean the tongue. You can add salt to water to rinse your mouth, once in a while. When my friend had sore throat I was bothered about how to treat sore throat. Let’s see some causes of sore throat first before we go to the treatment.

Causes of sore throat.

1) Bacterial Infection: Sore Throat can be caused by bacteria, popular among them is Streptococcus which causes an inflammation of the throat.

2) Viral infection from Cold or Flu

3) Allergies: If you are allergic to mold, dust and other kinds of things like pollen, you can easily get a sore throat.

4) Dryness or dry air can also make ones throat to become itchy and sore.

5) Smoking cigarette or breathing in cigarette smoke can cause sore throat persistently.

6) Dust or inhaling polluted air can also cause sore throat.

7) HIV infection : sore throat is believed to be one of the few symptoms of HIV infection.

See how to handle sore throat

Common cure or solution to Sore throat.

1) Gaggle with warm salt water

2) drinking lots of warm liquids like tea , water or soup
3) Avoid the things you are allergic to

 4)  Take throat lozenges


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5) use common home remedies like Honey, garlic and others.

6) Avoid staying in dusty or polluted environment.

Tetracycline can cure your sore throat in 2days. Open the cap and pour into the mouth. It must be poured towards the direction of the sore. One capsule in the morning one at night ( for adults) Take strepsils( should be licked)
N/B: Seek a medical expert before taking drugs

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